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The Top 10: Fieldwork with Kids

February 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Top 10 things we recently discovered during fieldwork with kids about family gaming and communication/technology.

10. Just how quickly a video game can suck them into “the zone”. And what the zone actually is.

9. Just how fast a text from their friend can suck them out of “the

8. What REALLY happens when a 12-year-old and 6-year-old girl try to play
Sorry together!?

7. Are those board game laughs always about the game? Nope. Sometimes it’s the fart!

6. Discovering how loud and chaotic Rock Band really is for a family of six.

5. The frequent and never-ending correction of their parents on how
to text, use an iPod, start the Wii, etc.

4. Seeing how kids REALLY behave during a game of monopoly. Chaos theory!

3. Learning the multitude of ways kids communicate without ever opening
their mouths. No, not ventriloquism. How about that conversation analysis?

2. Texting with one thumb? No problem.

1. Texting with one thumb while also talking to mom? You better believe it.