We’re happy to share bits and pieces from our daily lives as ethnographers. We get to visit all kinds of neat places and take in the sights, sounds, and tastes of locales both big and small. We will also share social science tidbits and news, as well as some stuff about us that we think you might find interesting!

Our website has some bios. But here’s some interesting stuff to know too!

Melinda, also known as Dr. Mommy Rea-Holloway to her three kids, really gets into running. Like really gets into it. She ran the Seattle Rock N’ Roll marathon in the summer of 2009. Oh yeah, and she makes a mean veggie meatloaf. If there’s anything else you want to know about Melinda, or about her company, go ahead, ask her.

Shalonda ran a half marathon once at the urging of Melinda. Yeah, she didn’t really enjoy it. But she does enjoy hip hop dancing and keeping all the ethnographers supplied and supported. Her meticulous nature does us all well. Did we mention she’s hilarious?

Kazuyo would rather do yoga than run, but now that she has a toddler to look after she does add a little chasing to her everyday mix. Dually “mastered,” Kazuyo really is a master of her domain. She kind of kicks butt in project management and helping our team stay on track in addition to all the ethnography stuff.

Steve has seen people run before and decided against it.  He opted for sitting instead, and it’s been a marriage made in heaven.  He’s Ethnographic Research, Inc.’s resident video editor, and he enjoys the marathons of immobility required for editing the tons of
footage Melinda and Kazuyo are always bringing back for him.

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