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World Cup 2010: Ethnographic Opportunity

As the world’s most watched sport, soccer [or football as it’s know throughout much of the world] dates back thousands of years. In this year’s World Cup in South Africa, 32 teams will battle for glory, each carrying forth a tradition of honor in the hopes of being propelled into elite status by bringing home the golden cup.

While some sources, such as EA Sports, predict Spain will defeat Brazil in the finals to take the cup, others have used quantitative methods to name England the 2010 champion.

Our own Rebecca took this on her Tanzanian Journey

We’re excited. Not because we care who wins. Our summer includes several stops in Europe and Asia as we conduct fieldwork for a variety of projects. What excites us is learning a whole lot more about the social worlds undoubtedly living in a fever pitch from June to July 11.

Did you know that Asia predicts a record number of World Cup viewers this summer? Being there, where the fans will be living and working, we’ll be able to tell you a thing or two about why this World Cup differs from the tourneys of year’s past.

And how about a host of other insights? About nationalism. Pride. Sportsmanship. Leisure. Work culture. Archetypes—hero, athlete, fan, winner and loser. The role of gender in playing, watching and talking about sports. New media and the sports experience. And the list could go on and on…

We’ll keep you posted!

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